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Labor Supervisor

ABC Company AK
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Labor Supervisor
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Part Time / Full Time Regular
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, AK
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Position Summary
Here at Tacos 4 Life, we strive to create a great culture! It's a place where you are able to serve our guests, build a close-knit team, have fun, and earn a living all at the same time! We believe that teamwork is the most effective way to handle daily challenges and opportunities that come our way. Great leaders provide great coaching and communication, and that will help us achieve our goal of ending world starvation. Preventing errors in manufacturing or production that lead to product defects. Testing products extensively before their release.

Primary Position Duties:

  • Working together with a Quality Assurance (QA) team to assess product problems and brainstorm solutions
  • Checking that raw materials or components involved in the production process are of suitable quality
  • Inspecting production machinery and employees to make sure the production process runs smoothly
  • Writing production plans that minimise risk of mistakes during production
  • Estimating time involved in assuring each product's quality
  • Meeting project deadlines
  • Writing and reviewing testing plans
  • Performing stress tests that expose the product to increased temperature, vibration, and humidity
  • Investigating causes of defects that occur during the testing phase
  • Assessing whether employees need the training to prevent mistakes during production
  • Creating test plan automation procedures
  • Suggesting improvements to company infrastructure and processes to prevent future mistakes during production
  • Communicating with Quality Control about existing defects and how to prevent them in future products
  • Communicating with other departments such as project management and engineering to coordinate scheduling for QA testing
  • Reporting discovered defects to all relevant departments for correction
  • Applying technical skills related to the product being tested (knowledge of programming languages to software QA, knowledge of machinery for hardware, etc.)
  • Conforming to regulations and international standards when it comes to testing and quality assurance

Position Requirements:

Identify Flaws
An SQA engineer's primary focus is finding potential defects that could compromise the software's functionality or its ability to meet the specifications outlined by the company or by the company's client.
Resolve Issues
SQA engineers not only look for defects in software, they also help devise ways to fix these bugs to ensure the software works properly. This requires working closely with the development team to remedy problems and write new code if needed.
Meet with Clients
When SQA engineers work on behalf of clients, they meet with them during the planning and testing phases to determine what they want from the software and whether the finished product meets their expectations.
Manage Team Members
At some organizations, SQA engineers lead the quality assurance team, which means they also give instructions and guidance to junior members of the group and may also assign them tasks.

Education or Skills:


Technical Knowledge, Thoroughness, Communication, Planning, Project Management, Risk Assessment, Analysis, Resource Management, Timeliness, Product Testing, Writing, Scheduling, Computer Literacy, Organisation, Multi-tasking, Troubleshooting, Compliance



Annual Leave

Each year you'll receive:

  • 27 days annual leave increasing to 28 days after 5 years service
  • 14 days public holidays

Pension and financial benefits

  • a Life Assurance scheme that makes provision for a tax-free lump sum equal to one times your annual salary and paid to a nominated beneficiary if you die in service
  • a career-average pension scheme to which SQA contributes 19.3% of each members' salary. For more information, see Strathclyde Pension Fund Office (SPFO)
  • opportunity to join a Christmas savings scheme and/or transfer part of your salary to a savings account
  • interest-free loans to help with seasonal rail and bus tickets

Leisure and pleasure

You can take advantage of:

  • our staff restaurants that provide subsidized hot food and snacks, including healthy options
  • Fair Trade tea and coffee provided free in staff breakout areas
  • access to sporting and leisure activities for a small fee. For more information see Civil Service Sports Council
  • a cycle purchase scheme through an interest-free loan
  • a pool of bikes that can be used to attend local meetings and at lunchtime and weekends
  • SQA Lifestyles - save money in a range of online High Street store
Staff wellbeing and health program
  • The work-life balance and health and wellbeing of our employees is important to us and to that end we provide a range of staff assistance and well-being programmes:

  • employee assistance program 
  • occupational health
  • eye-care support
  • health plans
  • flexible working arrangements including special leave and additional leave to support employees and their families

Flexible working

Flexible working is a voluntary arrangement that is agreed upon between an individual and their manager and is normally concerned with the pattern of hours worked, the times of these hours or the normal work location.

Examples of flexible working arrangements include annualized hours, compressed hours, formal change of start time and end time for working days, job-sharing, part-time working, term-time working, voluntarily reduced working time and working from home