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Employee Onboarding Admin Cost

Recording I-9 info in HRIS or other data repository $8.32
Recording contact info in the HRIS $8.41
Recording W-4 and other tax form info $10.91
Recording direct deposit info $9.78
Recording employment agreements $9.46
Total  $46.88

Benefits Enrollment Admin Cost

Providing plan doc and SPD to employees $13.79
Providing information about benefit plan change $18.47
Providing benefit plans comparison $19.01
Confirm and processing plan changes for employees $16.36
Confirm dependent eligibility for coverage for employees $11.20
Total $78.83

Time Management

Employee completes and submits time worked $9.34
Employer collects employee timecards $12.98
Employer verifies timecards are accurate $14.75
Employer follows up on missing / incomplete timecards $12.70
Employee submits paid time off (PTO) request $9.31
Calculating PTO balance and updating employees $18.69
Review and approve PTO requests $11.27
Employer tracks FMLA or other leave time $15.76
Total $104.80


Processing Cobra, and other benefits issues at separation $11.68
Documenting reason for separation for employee file $12.33
Preparing and completing employee exit interview $17.50
Documenting exit interview discussions $15.76
Calculating final payout for employee $13.46
System / facility access shut off $13.46
Finding replacement internally or externally $15.24
Total $99.43

Performance Management

Filling out performance review forms for each employee $13.22
Recording/tracking/storing performance review documents $15.51
Providing information related to promotion or separation $14.08
Providing compensation information $12.65
Documenting performance management (write-ups) $12.49
Total $67.95
Estimating Labor and Non-Labor
Costs Associated with Common
Human Resources (HR)
Source – EY Survey Nov. 2018